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California Wine Mixer

60 mins
1-1000 ppl
Kit included

Sip back and relax from the comfort of your home while our wine expert guides your colleagues, prospects, or clients through a fun, interactive, and engaging tasting.

Event includes delivery
To account for shipping, you will need to provide the list of participants and shipping addresses 14 days in advance.
What you’ll be shipped

Eight 187 ML Bottle Tasting Flight

  • La Pluma - Sauvignon Blanc (2019)
  • Fortune Favors - Chardonnay (2019)
  • La Pluma - Rosé (2019)
  • Mr B - Pinot Noir (no vintage)
  • Good Trouble - Syrah (2018)
  • Balance of Powers - California Red Wine (2018)
  • Game Theory - Cabernet Sauvignon (2018)
  • Game Theory - Cabernet Sauvignon (2018)
Additional Info

La Pluma - Sauvignon Blanc

For such a reliably refreshing wine, sauvignon blanc hasn’t always gotten the respect it deserves. As late as the 2000s, vineyards were giving these grapes the boot in favor of drier chardonnays. Thankfully, this delightfully acidic, sweet-and-sour white doesn’t hold a grudge. We can’t wait to make up for lost time.

  • Vintage: 2019 / AVA: Central Coast, CA
  • Tasting Notes: Smokey grapefruit, citrus, tangy
  • Food Pairing: Sushi, goat cheese...or overpriced arugula salad
  • Feels Like: Going on a date with the Duke Of Hastings

Fortune Favors - Chardonnay

Buttery-smooth and a mouthwatering pale gold, chardonnay is the most popular wine in America—even counting reds. These sturdy grapes are grown along the picturesque crags and cliffs of California’s Central Coast, resulting in a robust, comfortingly tropical pour. It’s got smooth notes of dessert without being a “dessert wine.”

  • Vintage: 2019 / AVA: Central Coast, CA
  • Tasting Notes: Baked apple and butterscotch
  • Food Pairing: Shellfish, brie...or Cheesecake Factory
  • Feels Like: Showing up to a baby shower tastefully tipsy

La Pluma - Rosé

We’ve heard la pluma is mightier than the sword, but a good rosé will win any contest you put it to. This cold-weather wine blends cab’s mellowness with the jammy flavor of zinfandel. Combine that with full-bodied petite sirah, and you’re in for a fruity treat with just the right amount of acidity. Plus, it’s pink enough to make Piglet jealous.

  • Vintage: 2019 / AVA: California
  • Tasting Notes: Zesty grapefruit, strawberry, raspberry
  • Food Pairing: Feta, BBQ’ed vegetable skewers...avocado toast
  • Feels Like: Touching down on your first slip n’ slide of the summer

Mr B - Pinot Noir

August 18 may be Pinot Noir Day, but thankfully, we can enjoy this velvety-smooth, surprisingly bold bottle 365 days a year. Gorgeously dark in color and combining the flavors of sweet red fruit, tart cherry, and earthy mushroom, this pinot is classy, food-friendly, and worthy of a holiday itself.

  • Vintage: None / AVA: Russian River Valley, CA
  • Tasting Notes: Cherry, wild mushroom, earthy flavors
  • Food Pairing: Chicken, brie...or ham & pineapple (you heard us) pizza
  • Feels Like: Finally learning a TikTok dance

Good Trouble - Syrah

Syrah’s centuries-long history is ripe with myth, but we know for sure that California syrah is more of a 90s baby. This chewy, inky wine comes with a kick of black pepper and a savory-then-fruity character all its own. Plus, all full-bottle profits from the Good Trouble brand are donated to The Roots Fund, a nonprofit providing wine education scholarships to aspiring students in the BIPOC community.

  • Vintage: 2018 / AVA: Mendocino, CA
  • Tasting Notes: Blueberry, olive, dark chocolate
  • Food Pairing: Gouda, BBQ Pork...or BBQ Lays
  • Feels Like: Attending an open bar charity event

Balance of Powers | California Red Wine

This fruity, full-bodied syrah and satisfyingly spicy zinfandel were raised, harvested, and aged together in oak barrels, which means they’re basically childhood sweethearts. With notes of baked sugar, tart cherry, and bold pepper, this blend is that couple who are so good together, you could almost hate them. Almost…

  • Vintage: 2018 / AVA: California
  • Tasting Notes: Ripe cherry, licorice and white pepper
  • Food Pairing: Kebabs, manchego...or ”Animal Style” fries
  • Feels Like: Your best friend from high school meeting your best friend from college

Game Theory - Cabernet Sauvignon

Like Hollywood, hula hoops, and freaking out when it rains, cabs are a California staple, totally crushing every other red on the vine and the market. This heavy hitter is unoaked for a crisp, lively flavor with hints of black cherry and berry. It’s bold, it’s silky, and it’ll linger on your palate long after your last sip…and on your mind long after that.

  • Vintage: 2018 / AVA: Paso Robles, CA
  • Tasting Notes: Blackberry and plum
  • Food Pairing: Steak, gouda...Chipotle burrito bowl
  • Feels Like: Not worrying about the guacamole costing extra

Game Theory - Cabernet Sauvignon

Lush and vibrant, crisscrossed by the curve of the Russian River, Alexander Valley is home to some of California’s best vineyards, and cabernet sauvignon (literally known as “the kind of reds”) is like royalty among them. Borrowing its baked and vanilla flavors from the oak it's aged in, this dark, aromatic cab is light-bodied and herbaceous, with a touch of berry.

  • Vintage: 2018 / AVA: Alexander Valley, CA
  • Tasting Notes: Blackberry, tobacco, vanilla
  • Food Pairing: Steak, gouda...Beyond Burger
  • Feels Like: You’re Meryl Streep in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’
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Join your host live on Zoom.

Cancellation Policy
  • Full refund if cancelled at least 14 days prior to the event date
  • No refund if cancelled within 14 days of the event date

Hosted by In Good Taste

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