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The 3 Cs Breathing: Clear, Calm, Create

1 Hr
Up to 100 ppl

A three-part sequence that introduces students to various yogic-breathing exercises also known by the sanskrit words pranayama (control of breath/life force) and kriya (action).

Additional Info

Part I: Clear - I will introduce students to various cleansing breath techniques (mostly known as kriyas). At a physiological level, these practices build heat in the body, help to clear physical congestion in the nasal passage, and empty the lungs so they can take in more oxygen. Regular practice of these breaths can also be mentally transformative by helping to reset the mind and clear negative thought patterns.

Part II: Calm - I will share various breath techniques that can help us to still the fluctuations of the mind and bring the body deep into a deep parasympathetic state (rest and digest). These practices are useful to counterbalance periods of high demand, intensity, and stress.

Part III: Create - Introduces the breath as a tool for unlocking creative potential. Now that we've cleared negative thought patterns and eased into a state of calm, we open the mental capacity for creative flow. We can use the breath as a visualization tool, following it throughout the body, adding colors and sounds. This helps to tap into our imagination and inspires creativity.

Part IV: Closing Meditation - We'll close with a guided meditation focused either on gratitude, loving awareness, visualization, or rest.

Throughout the class, I'll offer opportunities for students to ask questions and engage. The goal of the class is for them to walk away with 1-2 techniques that I consider ("Spiritual/psychic flossing"). These are meant for regular practice and the beauty is they can be used almost anywhere (since all that's needed is the breath).


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Hosted by Marc Weinstein

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