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Premium Mixology

60 mins
5-250 ppl
Kit included

In this amazing experience, you will be making 2 cocktail recipes with an expert mixologist.

The delicious Mangonada Margarita was originally made famous for its contention in the 2016 Margarita of the Year Award. Mango puree and agave nectar bring the right amount of fruitful sweetness before being offset with lime juice and brought to life with party-forward tequila. We rim the glass with lime chili sea salt and strain over our crystal, clear ice sphere.

The Gentleman & a Scholar is the 2019 Gentleman Jack Whiskey Sour Classic Winner. Built around the traditional whiskey sour with whiskey and lemon juice, the cocktail takes a delightful turn with the addition of strawberry puree and frothy aquafaba. For those not yet introduced, aquafaba is viscous chickpea juice and a vegan alternative to egg whites. We finish this cocktail by spritzing the top with aromatic bitters and garnishing with a lemon slice.

Event includes delivery
To account for shipping, you will need to provide the list of participants and shipping addresses 14 days in advance.
What you’ll be shipped

The Mangonada Margarita includes:

• Craft Tequila • Mango Puree • Lime Juice • Organic Agave Nectar • Lime Chili Sea Salt

The Gentleman & a Scholar includes:

• Craft Whiskey • Strawberry Puree • Lemon Juice • Anna's Aquafaba • Aromatic Bitters • Lemon Slices

Our top-shelf ingredients will ensure your drink is equal parts smooth, simple and sublime.

What you’ll need to bring

A cocktail shaker or a protein shaker with a tight lid.

Additional Info

International Shipping:

  • Shipping to Canada is $20 per person
  • International shipping is $35 per person (Mocktail kit only)
Join Online

Join your host live on Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams.

Cancellation Policy
  • Full refund if cancelled at least 14 days prior to the event date
  • No refund if cancelled within 14 days of the event date

Hosted by The Mixologer

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Madison L.
The mixology event was an opportunity for us to meet others who enjoy craft cocktails that we maybe don't work with every day. I met several new folks and enjoyed the cocktails tremendously!
Adrian H.
Really good, Mike had a lot of information about the drinks and bartending. It was a great way to learn about mixed drinks!
Tara S.
Being on a remote team is difficult when you don't get to hang out with them everyday and miss that sense of camaraderie. This team bonding event by creating cocktails was so fun and intimate! I definitely want to do it again with two more delicious drinks(:




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